Lane Raglan two ways

I claim to not really love reality TV. Sure, I had my phase with The Bachelor (who hasn’t?), but it’s not really my thing. I think it’s really because we don’t have cable, though. I do love Project Runway (because, duh). But I will wholeheartedly claim Master Chef. Y’all … it’s awesome and fun and dramatic and probably rigged and I don’t even care.

If you’ve never watched it, it’s all these supposed home cooks who are given challenges and somehow whip up incredible restaurant-quality dishes with no recipes. Ever. It’s like magic. In almost every episode, someone makes like “duck, with asparagus two ways” or “filet of sole with brussel sprouts three ways.” All the ways just crack me up.

But I guess I kind of do this with sewing. Others call it a hack, but that just is a gross onomatopoeic word, so I struggle using it.

If you’ve never seen the glorious patterns by Hey June, you’re missing out. They’re basic patterns that fit a real lifestyle. And I need more of that in my life.

The Lane Raglan is a simple raglan tee. I’m guilty of always wanting to sew “wow” pieces … a cool dress, or fancy Hammer pants. But that’s not always so practical in my every day life. So I forced myself to make a Lane Raglan sweatshirt and there are NO REGRETS!

I don’t know what’s happening in this picture. What am I holding up? Did Elsie take this picture? Why is this the best picture I have of my adorable Lane Raglan sweatshirt?

Then, because I can’t resist the wow, I lengthened the pattern and shortened the sleeves and turned it into this adorable floral dress. That I love and wear as much as possible.

It’s a little amazing that I’m smiling in this pic since I was saying goodbye to my best friend after a glorious five day girls’ trip to NYC. I was weeping inside.

Is it okay to wear floral on a white background in the winter? Help, people … I don’t like putting my beautiful clothes away based on the season. I can layer like anybody’s business.

8 thoughts on “Lane Raglan two ways

  1. I’m loving the honesty in your blog! My lack of fancy photography equipment held me back from joining the blogosphere for so long – I can totally relate (thank you tech genies for the iPhone!). Also: I’m totally avoiding unpacking my winter clothes too! Long live layering!! 🙂


  2. YAY Holly! I love the blog and the extra peek into your life. Also, how can I order one of those sweatshirts! It is super cute…just like you, friend 🙂


  3. YAY Holly! I love the blog and the extra peek into your life. How can I order one of those sweatshirts? It is super cute…just like you, friend 🙂


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