Real life in these pictures.

So, if you have ever read or looked at a sewing blog before, you are immediately noticing a difference in my pictures and the standard fare on sewing blogs. Y’all, so many of these women are artists with their cameras. I admire them. I kind of want to be them. But you know what … I’m not them.

I was trying to take an action shot of my adorable Staple Dress by April Rhodes in real life … but I got photo bombed by this cutie.

The quality of photography in blogging is one of the many things that kept me away from blogging for a long time. Then I realized that so much of why I create is to fit into my lifestyle. And my lifestyle is crazy and hectic and kind of messy and very chaotic. So it feels inauthentic to only share here pictures that have perfect lighting and posing and hair and makeup (ahem … let’s just all pretend I know how to do any of those things).

What? You can’t see the awesome details of my adorable Piko top here? Weird. I don’t see the issue …

That’s not to say you’ll never see a good picture here. I have a fancy camera, y’all. One day, I might even take a picture or two and post it. One day, I may even have a real photo shoot. I’m not saying it won’t happen. But for a blog to be realistic for me, most of my pictures will be good ol’ iPhone pics. And a lot of selfies.

Because evidently I will always be a teenage girl at heart.

One thought on “Real life in these pictures.

  1. Fun and interesting, Holly. I also learned to see as a girl. Many of my clothes I wore while in Greenville on YL staff were made by me. Have a new machine; perhaps you have given me inspiration! Thanks


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