Why I Sew

I have been pondering writing a blog for, oh, a decade now. But over the last two years I have absolutely fallen in love with a specific blogging community … the sewing community. It is creative, fun, interesting, varied. The women (and a few men!) in the online sewing world are all different … and I like that.

Scout dress by Grainline Studio on me. Peirrot Top by Made-by-Rae on my bald baby Caroline

When I was in college, I chose not to be in a sorority. I have no moral issue with sororities, and I’m sure I would have loved my time in a sorority. But out of the sororities at my college, only one stood out as being truly diverse. I’m not really talking about racially diverse … there was sadly very little racial diversity at my university … I’m talking about all different kinds of people. I like being around people who are different from me. I am intrigued by people with pasts different from mine. Or people with pasts similar to mine who have presents that are different from mine. How interesting! I find this kind of diversity in the sewing community.

Out and About Dress by Sew Caroline on me. Handmade dresses on my girls … I don’t remember what patterns I used. Handmade bow-tie already taken off of Kenny.

So, here I am jumping in. Because the one constant among this community is the love of creating. And really, that’s why I sew. Because I long to create. Through my creations, I have learned to love my own body in a way I never really did before. I have learned to embrace my own personal, sometimes quirky, style. But I love the process of taking a piece of fabric and making it into something interesting and beautiful and USEFUL! Oh man … what a thrill.

My crazy Mrs. Roper (from Three’s Company) inspired poncho-sweater.

Thanks for letting me jump in, sewists of the internet. I’m thrilled to join you.

2 thoughts on “Why I Sew

  1. So excited for you and I love your quirky, holly style!!! I love that you embrace it and love who you are! You are a blessing and I miss you!


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