Hugs for the Win

*Sarah Clark won the scarf! Sorry it took me over a month to update that info.*


One of the most fun parts of colder weather for me is scarves. To me, scarves are like walking around with a warm hug all day. They’re cozy and cute. They make any outfit instantly warmer. And it’s an easy way to add color or pattern to a plain, neutral tee. (I have found myself in abundance of plain, neutral tees this winter … I’m needing the color help from my scarves).

I haveย a dear dear friend who has had a particularly hard and heartbreaking fall. Like many of my friends, she lives far away from me. Since I couldn’t be there to just go hug her, I mailed her a hug (scarf).

Not all scarves have to be sewed, y’all! Blanket scarves have been all the rage lately. And no wonder … they’re so cozy! ANYONE (I truly mean that) can make their own blanket scarf. Just follow along!

You’ll need to buy a square of a flannel plaid you like. If you go to a big-box fabric store like Joann or Hancock, make sure you buy a shirting flannel … they’re softer and wear better. Most shirting fabric is 45″ wide. So that means you need to buy 1.25 yards to make a square. Wash and dry your flannel when you get home so that it doesn’t do wonky shrinking should you need to wash it later.

File_000 (3)

First, you’ll need to straighten up the cut sides. If you have chosen a plaid flannel like I did, it’s easy … just cut along a plaid line.

Then, put on Elf or an episode of Law & Order (or whatever you particular mindless viewing pleasure may be) and get to un-ravelling. Just un-ravel the fabric, one thread at a time until you get the fringe to the length you like. Be patient … it takes longer than you’ll want it to.

File_001 (1)

I probably spent one and a half episodes of Law & Order, with some 4-year-old “rest time” interruptions, on this one scarf.

File_002 (3)

Then, voila … your very own handmade scarf! Now, go and wear your hug. Or give it away!ย In the midst of this season of celebration and thankfulness and joy, there is also so much heartache and sorrow for many people. Who do you know that just needs a hug (scarf)?

File_003 (2)

I have more than enough scarves in my collection. Want this one? I’ll give this away to one random commenter. Just tell me below whether you’d give or keep it. No judgement … you might need a hug yourself!

File_000 (4)

Giveaway closes on Wednesday, December 2 at 8:00 pm. Please include your email address in the format <email at domain dot com>. I’ll pick aย commenter using a random number generator and email you for your address.

21 thoughts on “Hugs for the Win

  1. I would totes keep it and make others to give away!! I’d love to wear a Holly Sharp hug all day! ๐Ÿ™‚

    stacy.kaut at gmail dot com


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