Let’s Go Exploring

I apologize for accidentally becoming one of those girls who started a blog then quickly abandoned it. That was not my intention. But between Christmas sewing (couldn’t be blogged before it was given) and a three-plus week sickness that swept our family, the blog took a necessary backseat. But I’m back!

I adore gifts. I love giving them. I love making them. I love dreaming them up. I also seriously love receiving them. I’ve fully embraced this aspect of me. It’s real … it’s how I show and receive love. It’s part of what makes me ME, and I’m good with that. Gives that make me feel loved don’t have to be extravagant … just thoughtful. Gives I give often are not extravagant … but I do my best to put lots of thought into them.

Because of that, giving at Christmas is PURE JOY for me. And since I love to create, I always start the Christmas season with a plan to create gifts for everyone on my list. This year, that got whittled down to a very small number. Like I made two gifts. And threw in a (tiny) handmade portion in two others. My mom’s gift is actually still in process. Luckily she’s patient with me. (And I picked up some other fun “filler” gifts until I could get hers done.)

Our sweet niece is two-and-a-half, and she loves to explore. She’s a completely delightful kiddo who loves bugs and sticks and leaves and rocks and nature. She also loves dancing and twirling. I adore how multi-faceted little girls are. I decided sometime this summer that the perfect gift for her would be the Explorer Vest from Little Things to Sew.

Niece 1


Like every Oliver + S pattern I’ve ever sewn with, this pattern was clearly written, highly instructive, and a pleasure to use. It resulted in this beautiful little vest for our beautiful little gal.

The finished product has FIVE POCKETS, all ready to fill up with treasures. And, because it was a gift for our sweet one who loves all things pink, I made it in this adorable pink canvas, lined in pink + yellow ikat (all from Hobby Lobby).

The vest itself is adorable, and the girl is even cuter. But my favorite part is the beautiful Moroccan buttons that were a gift from my dear friend Amy. She gave them to me as a sweet thank you gift not knowing they were exactly what I needed to finish this vest!

Merry Christmas, sweet girl. And Happy Exploring!

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