Southerners in the Snow

***Warning: non-sewing post ahead.***

Like the true Southerner I am, I get absolutely GIDDY about the snow. It’s just so beautiful and Narnia-like … I love love love it. Now, I recognize that if I were to ever live somewhere like Boston or Maine or Minnesota (please, Lord, don’t make me go to one of those places), I would feel very differently about the snow.

But y’all … I got to move to Oklahoma. Where we still don’t have, like, permanently white winters. BUT there is almost always some sort of snow at some point in the winter. Did you non-Southerners know that there are stretches of years that can go by without Southerners seeing snow? It’s so sad. (Unless you’re my friend Katie who hates the cold. She grew up in Florida, which explains everything. {I love you, Katie!})

So last weekend when we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow with more coming down, I immediately snapped a picture out of our bedroom window to send to my friends in the South.

File_000 (6)

And after breakfast? We bundled those kiddos right up to go play!

Now, I will admit that we ended up having to borrow our neighbor’s yard for our snow fun. It wasn’t actually all that much snow, and the huge live oak in our front yard meant that we only had about 1/3 of our yard covered in snow … and that part was still mostly leaves. (Ahem … we’re not so into raking.)


BUT … we did it! We laughed and giggled (and whined a little) and built our very own Olaf. Because when you have two daughters ages 4 and 2, every snowman is Olaf.


Then we came inside and ate soup and grilled cheese. Evidently I’ve been conditioned by the marketing geniuses at Campbell’s that this is what you eat when it snows. I’m okay with that.


The whole morning was cozy, dreamy, fun, and downright delightful. Y’all … I love snow.

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