A Friend for Baby Balloon

*Early in my pregnancy, Elsie decided she was going to call the baby “Balloon.” We laughed and thought it would be the first of many baby nicknames. It was not … it has stuck. We can’t wait to meet Balloon and start calling him or her by their real name. But I suspect we’ll always refer to the sweet kiddo as Balloon sometimes.*

With each of my pregnancies, I have been so lucky to have a dear friend who was pregnant alongside me. Two months before Elsie was born, my friend Kat had Bo. [They still talk about each other even though they haven’t seen each other in over a year.] A week before Caroline was born, my friend Amanda had Tommy. [We’re working on an arranged marriage for these two.]

And exactly one month after Balloon’s due date, my dear friend Hailey is due to have a baby girl. Hailey and her family have been a GIFT to us since moving to Tulsa. While they have been a part of our church community group, they have become friends way beyond that over the last year. And we have had the privilege to celebrate their coming daughter with so much joy.

Pregnant girls trying to hug. Pitiful, isn’t it?

Two weeks ago I got to attend the sweetest baby shower tea for Hailey and her girl. And I got to put together the most fun gift for Baby Sis. Hailey and I laugh a lot at how different our style is. Namely, she likes neutrals and greys above all else, and I love pattern and color. So when picking out fabrics for tiny baby things for Hailey’s daughter, I had to show some major restraint!

This is a perfect example of us: Hailey in a chic black dress. Me in as much color and pattern as a girl could possibly squeeze into one outfit. Both of us talking and laughing and gesturing.

When I first started dreaming about what I wanted to make for Baby Sis, I felt like it would be so hard to tone down my natural inclination towards all the pattern and all the color. But then, as I dug through my stash of fabric, I realized that it was so fun to pick fabrics just for Hailey and her girl … things that she would completely delight in putting on her sweet, prayed for babe.

I couldn’t resist some color in the gift wrap though.

I have had this adorable Baby Sunbonnet pattern from Purl Soho bookmarked for months. It is just so sweet, and so fun to put together!

Chambray from my stash. Kona white cotton lining.

I’ll be happy with Balloon no matter who he/she is … but if she’s a girl, I will be THRILLED to make one of these lined in a floral for her! But for Hailey … a simple chambray with white lining was just perfect!


Made-by-Rae’s Just Hatched Leggings tutorial is also right up Hailey’s alley. So I turned to my favorite grey knit (with sparkle!) for some bitty baby leggings.

Sparkle knit is from Joann. I wish I had bought a whole bolt.

That tag in the back is both a pop of color for me and a little help for Ryan when he’s doing the changing. 🙂


I have gotten into the habit of keeping a stash of Baby Lit books in my gift closet. They are the perfect addition to any baby gift.


Come on, Baby Balloon; and come on Baby Sis Myers. We can’t WAIT to meet you! Thanks for being Balloon’s first friend.

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