Mrs. Roper and the Reverse Mullet

No, I’m not writing children’s literature … I’ve just started naming all my newest creations.

Those who know me best know that I have an, ahem, interesting personal style. Yes, I like trends and what’s going on in the fashion world. But I also like lots of color and pattern. Recently I wore a beautiful, multi-colored Scout tee that I had made years ago and a friend exclaimed that it was so pretty and she wasn’t used to seeing me in such bold colors and patterns. I was shocked! Had I accidentally become … a NEUTRALS person? (No offense to all my beloved friends who love neutrals … we just all know that’s not me.)

So when Kimberly from Straight Stitch Designs asked me to help test her newest pattern (have you noticed I kind of love pattern testing for Kimberly?), I said yes! And dug into my craziest fabrics.

First up is what I call my Mrs. Roper top. Because doesn’t this look like something made from one of Mrs. Roper’s housedress/caftans? (I evidently have a thing for her. It’s not the first time I’ve referenced her in a handmade item.) I bought like 4 yards of this fabric for $4 or something from a thrift store. It’s definitely 100% polyester. Which means it’s highly flammable … but also, spit-up and food spillage just wipes right off. So, I’ll take it.


The bias cut of the Bryant Dolman not only provides beautiful drape, but it also allows for patterns to be highlighted in such an interesting way.


And I personally love a drapey, slightly oversized top. It is flattering, feminine, and COMFORTABLE.


Then I got all excited about making a second Bryant out of this fantastic tie-dye rayon jersey … and after cutting out the front, I realized that I didn’t have enough left for the back. I know, I know … measure twice, cut once, blah blah blah.


So I improvised with some lovely chiffon I had in my stash for the back of my Bryant. And voila! The Reverse Mullet was born.

You know … party in the front, business in the back.

This one has a slightly different fit as the pattern is intended for knits, but the back is a woven. Still, I find it rather flattering and a fun mash-up to a great pattern.

Thanks for having me back, Kimberly! Grab your own copy of the Bryant Dolman while it’s on sale!

Ode to the White Sofa

Once upon a time, in 2001, four girls went on a search for furniture for their apartment. These girls were starry-eyed and silly. Luckily for all of us, I don’t have a picture from that day. (It was not a pretty time in fashion, guys.) We came upon a yard sale where the folks were selling two sofas. One was a normal upholstered sofa with arms and cushions. The other was a white, vinyl, armless sofa on wheels that was priced at $5. Guess which one we picked.

After college, my dear Mary Beth so generously GAVE me the white sofa to help furnish my apartment in good ol’ Statesville, NC.

Liz & Sarah
One time, during my tenure in Statesville, I went out of town. These two hilariously awesome friends of mine staged a Christmas photo shoot in my house while I was gone. Luckily, the White Sofa was captured in this shoot.


And while the wheels are history, I have yet to part with the sofa. What was once a joke has become a beloved part of our family decor.

In our current home, #thewhitesofa is now in its third location … and I think this one’s a winner.

Mother’s Day 2016

Please keep in mind that all of these pictures were taken with my iPhone, AND I have no clue what I’m doing with photography in general and indoor photography specifically.

Our bedroom is delightfully large, with a lounge area. I have dreams of recovering the white sofa. Not just dreams … I actually have the fabric, the piping, and the pattern all made. But there’s an addition coming to our family soon (please come soon, Balloon!), so I had to accept my humanity and admit that it would be best to make do with the white sofa (repaired for now with white duct tape) and just style that beast to death.

If you peer closely, you can see the fabric for re-covering on the bottom shelf of the table on the left.

So I took a trip to the Fabricut Outlet in Pryor, OK this summer and bought yardage to recover the sofa (one day) as well as two yards of upholstery weight faux fur. Because OF COURSE, y’all.


I also found this gorgeous remnant of color that I knew needed to become curtains for the random window over the sofa.

Yay for color! The watercolor painting is of the valley at Frontier Ranch … painted by a friend on assignment with me the summer that Kenny and I met.

The pillow inserts are actually quite vintage. They are squared down from bed pillows hand-stuffed by my grandmother. One of these was the pillow I slept on every night as a girl.



The trouble with an armless (vinyl) sofa is that it’s hard to lounge on. So I knew we needed an ottoman. My favorite furniture source to the rescue … the Midtown Flea Market. What’s the Midtown Flea Market, you ask? Well … it’s a little hard to explain. It’s a store front here in Tulsa filled quite literally floor to ceiling with furniture. Most of it needs minor repair. Some of it needs major repair. (Ask me if I’ve accidentally brought home some major repair furniture ┬ábefore. Oops.) All of it is super affordable. So I popped in, talked to the awesomely prickly lady who owns the Market and bought this ottoman for $10. Just popped some fur on top and AWESOME.


The rest is just rearranged. And the White Sofa lives to see another day. This time as a cozy setting for middle of the night feedings. I know it’s weird to say I’m looking forward to those, but right now I’m just so ready to meet our new person.


We love you, White Sofa.