A Room for Baby Balloon

We are into surprise babies around here. By that I mean that we are on the don’t-find-out-the-gender bandwagon. I’m not going to argue that everyone should do it … I get that for emotional sanity, not everyone can! I’m also not going to argue that it’s one of life’s last true surprises as many folks do. It’s just FUN for us.

The first question I get from people is, “How do you decorate the nursery without knowing the gender?” I’m not really a stereotypical decorator anyway, so I just kind of go for it. For my first two, that meant lots of COLOR (those who know me best were not surprised at all). But Balloon’s room already had blue-on-blue striped wallpaper. It’s really pretty wallpaper, and we did NOT want to take down wallpaper. So I went with it. What has resulted is a sweet room that any baby would love. (As much as a baby gives a flip about their room, amiright?)

Before I give you a tour, let me just go ahead and say a few things: 1-I don’t know how to take and edit indoor pictures. The walls look a different color in every picture here. 2-Yes, there is stuff under the dresser and under the bed. I am not aiming to ever be a home-style blogger. Obviously. What I am is a real-life blogger. And for real … we store stuff under our beds.

This sign hung over the doorway to Kenny’s nursery as a baby. What a sweet way to welcome people into our kiddo’s room.
Woops … forgot to move the baby gate. Seriously … not a home-style blogger.

For the most part, I was okay with re-purposing items or buying things already made this time around. But I did craft/create a few things myself. For the video monitor, we needed a little more height. So I took a stack of books that we don’t really read but don’t want to get rid of (things like a Calculus text-book, some theology books on youth ministry, and a couple of classic novels) and covered them in pretty fabrics.

The panda head and the laundry basket are both from Target. The diaper bag that is randomly stashed under the dresser is my favorite. Ask if you’re interested in details.

I had a dream of making these beautiful curtains that are white with a large-scale modern floral print in grey. Something very Marimekko in style. I did find the fabric I liked … and it was $60/yard. SO … I bought basic Ikea curtains and added grey fringe trim I got for $1/yard on my Fabricut run to Pryor. Then we hung them from the ceiling for a more dramatic effect. And you know what? I think I totally love them.

We decided to leave the bed in the room. It’s a big room, so space wasn’t an issue. And it’s nice to have a spare bed for guests. The quilt across the bottom of the bed matches nothing else in the room, and I don’t care. It was made by my grandmother, and we used it on Elsie’s bed for two years. It will stay and I do not need a perfectly matching room!

I also really wanted to recover our glider rocker. But that wasn’t in the budget. So I bought a slipcover. It looked awful. SO, I accepted that a baby’s going to be spitting up on it anyway. I hung some grey fabric across the back, decorated with my beautiful African marriage blanket (is that what it’s called, Em?), and threw some sherpa I’ve been hoarding on the ottoman. It’s not perfect, but it will do. I’ll keep you updated if Balloon has strong opinions on his/her non-recovered glider.

Once the baby arrives, I plan to hang either their monogram (if a girl) or first initial (if a boy) on the wall here over the glider. 

The one item I was most excited about creating was the wall-hanging over the changing table. My sister-in-law Laura had sent me a snap of a really cool wall hanging made with yarn and a limb. So I took the idea and ran. I collected various grey, white, and patterned fabrics from my stash and cut strips from them. Then I simply looped them around a limb from the redbud tree we recently cut down. After hanging the strips, I trimmed them up to look evenly uneven. I used some scraps of black leather to hang my “art” on the wall. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.


My favorite part of the room just got completed this weekend, though. As a nod to his/her in-utero nickname, I had Elsie and Caroline paint balloon pictures to go over the crib. They are messy and imperfect and don’t match anything in the room. AND I LOVE THEM.


It’s baby week, y’all. We will meet our kiddo THIS WEEK. And I am so excited. I enjoyed creating this space for him or her. And it has been more fun than I ever imagined to see how excited my big girls have been by this process. I’ll be back tomorrow with another make for Balloon.


No affiliate links here. I still don’t know how to do that. I just wanted to be informative in case you liked any of my stuff.

Hugs for the Win

*Sarah Clark won the scarf! Sorry it took me over a month to update that info.*


One of the most fun parts of colder weather for me is scarves. To me, scarves are like walking around with a warm hug all day. They’re cozy and cute. They make any outfit instantly warmer. And it’s an easy way to add color or pattern to a plain, neutral tee. (I have found myself in abundance of plain, neutral tees this winter … I’m needing the color help from my scarves).

I have a dear dear friend who has had a particularly hard and heartbreaking fall. Like many of my friends, she lives far away from me. Since I couldn’t be there to just go hug her, I mailed her a hug (scarf).

Not all scarves have to be sewed, y’all! Blanket scarves have been all the rage lately. And no wonder … they’re so cozy! ANYONE (I truly mean that) can make their own blanket scarf. Just follow along!

You’ll need to buy a square of a flannel plaid you like. If you go to a big-box fabric store like Joann or Hancock, make sure you buy a shirting flannel … they’re softer and wear better. Most shirting fabric is 45″ wide. So that means you need to buy 1.25 yards to make a square. Wash and dry your flannel when you get home so that it doesn’t do wonky shrinking should you need to wash it later.

File_000 (3)

First, you’ll need to straighten up the cut sides. If you have chosen a plaid flannel like I did, it’s easy … just cut along a plaid line.

Then, put on Elf or an episode of Law & Order (or whatever you particular mindless viewing pleasure may be) and get to un-ravelling. Just un-ravel the fabric, one thread at a time until you get the fringe to the length you like. Be patient … it takes longer than you’ll want it to.

File_001 (1)

I probably spent one and a half episodes of Law & Order, with some 4-year-old “rest time” interruptions, on this one scarf.

File_002 (3)

Then, voila … your very own handmade scarf! Now, go and wear your hug. Or give it away! In the midst of this season of celebration and thankfulness and joy, there is also so much heartache and sorrow for many people. Who do you know that just needs a hug (scarf)?

File_003 (2)

I have more than enough scarves in my collection. Want this one? I’ll give this away to one random commenter. Just tell me below whether you’d give or keep it. No judgement … you might need a hug yourself!

File_000 (4)

Giveaway closes on Wednesday, December 2 at 8:00 pm. Please include your email address in the format <email at domain dot com>. I’ll pick a commenter using a random number generator and email you for your address.