Maggie Mae is My Girl

So while most of my sewing is very very selfish, I do occasionally make the effort to sew for my nuggets. YES, kids’ sewing is quick, and YES it’s cute, and YES it’s nice to be able to control what they wear rather than being at the mercy of the children’s clothing makers. But y’all … they grow so dang fast, it just kind of makes me batty when I spend all my time on something and then POOF … it no longer fits.

HOWEVER, the creating of something beautiful for my little people just never disappoints. Especially when you find a winner of a pattern. Enter the Maggie Mae Tunic/Dress by Shwin Designs. I have now made five total of these dresses, and I’m not sure that I see an end in sight. For one thing, the pattern comes in a large range of sizes, and it’s neither babyish nor too tween-y.

My first Maggie Mae was for Elsie … an adorable matching ensemble with her sister (who is wearing a Little Geranium dress). Caroline was only a month old here, and I was in a crazy post-partum sewing frenzy. Don’t question the hormones … just check out how cute they are.

c14 cropped

My second Maggie Mae was again for our Elsie … this time to go to the Daddy/Daughter Dance when she was 2.5 years old. She still refers to this as her Daddy Dance dress, even when her sister wore it last summer. I used an old Lilly Pulitzer dress of mine for the top and bottom, and a white linen for the middle of the dress.



My last three, though, were the most special. Kenny’s brother married his sweet love, Laura, in November. We all got to celebrate as a part of the wedding party. I immediately volunteered to make the dresses for my girls and my niece. I just knew that Maggie Mae would be the perfect base for a sweet flower girl dress.

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Laura wanted something with lots of fluffy tulle … I think I managed that quite nicely, don’t you?

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With their adorable flower headbands, they looked like dreamy little fairies.

Then, there was also this groomsman I had my eye on … 😉

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Wedding photos all are taken by the fabulously talented Ellie Be. If you have photo needs, you should definitely check her out.