Swaddle Love for Balloon

In the last couple of weeks there has been all kinds of controversy over whether or not to swaddle your baby. At least I think there has been … I refuse to click on the headlines and read the articles. Not because I don’t want to be informed, but rather because I don’t want to be scared. I’m planning on asking my pediatrician their opinion and doing my best to ignore the opinions of the internets. The internets are unreliable, y’all. And they basically always convince me that I have cancer. Even if I’m just looking for the answer to a really important question like “how do I style little girl hair?”

Anyway, I love a swaddle. I have a tiny bit of third-time-mom guilt that I haven’t made as much for this baby as I did for my first two. So I paid a visit to the utterly delightful Owl & Drum and purchased some dreamy fabrics to make swaddles for my Baby Balloon.


Swaddles are not difficult to create (they’re just a square, y’all), but they do require a little patience. I made two, using two different hemming methods.


First up, this lovely painted-gingham fabric by Michael Miller. It is a loose-weave that is linen-esque. But also soft like gauze. {Maybe it’s a double gauze?} It’s lovely and I love it.

Thank you, trusty elephant, for being my swaddle model.

I used Grainline Studio’s tutorial for a cheater rolled hem on this one. The end result is lovely, although it does take some patience. Or an episode of Bones, in my case.

The next swaddle is a lovely gauze that is so dreamy soft and thin that I wish I could sleep under it. (Those would be really expensive sheets).

Elephants are harder to swaddle than you might think.
So thin. So lovely.

For this one, I simply serged all four edges. Then I turned under the serged edges and stitched with a small zig-zag stitch.

Cozy, sweet, cuddly … all what I want in a homemade swaddle. If Balloon’s a girl, I might add a pale peach monogram to the grey and white swaddle. Or baby pom pom trim. Or leave it as-is because she would be a newborn and I’ll be tired. We’ll see.

If you have the time (or a tv episode to watch), these make excellent baby gifts, too. Even if someone’s not a swaddler, a large, breezy blanket is a necessity in any mom’s diaper bag.